Adventures In Galeroth

A Newcomer Joins

As the party are discussing whether slavery and grave robbing should be legal over breakfast, a half-elf approaches the table. He walks confidently up with a smile across his face, listening in to their conversation. He is hardily built, but slender due to his elven heritage, and has a large yellow feather in his belt. He wears thick chain mail, and bears the holy symbol of Melora around his neck.

“You sound like the kind of people I’m looking for.” he says, joining their conversation. They welcome the stranger, with little suspicion, as he tells them he is a sailor, and after completing work on his last ship, he felt the need for a change of environment. Being used to dangerous work, he was keen to join an adventuring band.

The party accepted, and informed the sailor, who they learned to be Ristiel Aearandir, of their mission to find a sealed Elven barrow, much like the one they found a basilisk in. After talking with the professor they met before, Jandar Dormys, they arranged some payment in return for entering a sealed barrow, and ensuring it is safe.

Setting out that morning, the adventurers picked their way through the moors, in the low fog. They found their way quite confidently to the barrow that they had been directed to, and examined the entrance. In the side of the hill was set a wall, with a large stone door, sealed with dark red wax. The door was inscribed with a name, Qildor Elara, and decorative plant-like patterns. After a few firebolts from Barthandelus and a hefty shove, the door gave way and fell inwards.

They were greeted by a large atrium, with a paved stone floor. Purple flames from two stone braziers curled lazily towards the ceiling. The party entered, and picked their way through the atrium, investigating the pots and walls for signs of an entrance to another room. Eventually Lindal discovers a handle at the bottom of one of the pots, and twists it. A hatch raises just an inch in the center of the room. With his handy two crowbars, Eryn raises the platform, and with Ristiel, drags it away, revealing a dark shaft leading downwards.

Using their rope, the party make their way down the hole, and into a dark corridor below. and into a circular chamber. The chamber contained 4 pillars, and a large stone sarcophagus. The ceiling was domed, and painted dark purple, with bright stars painted in foreign constellations. Above the sarcophagus at the back of the chamber is painted a setting sun, giving the ceiling around it a dull orange glow.

Approaching with caution, Eryn manages to set off a dart trap, luckily escaping most of the poison’s effects. The party then take extra caution, and Ristiel approaches the sarcophagus, and pries it open with a crowbar. As he does, a thick black gas curls round the lid, and envelops him, and Ristiel falls back coughing and choking. After recovering, he opens the lid, and reveals a mummified body, which animates, and attacks.

Fighting with his long, sharp nails, the mummy assails Ristiel. As bolts from Eryn and Lindal’s crossbows fly, and chromatic orbs whizz overhead, Ristiel is beaten down by the mummy’s attacks, and falls to the floor, the first time he is healed by Lindal’s magic, but the second time it seems not to work.

After a hard fight, the mummy is slain, and falls to the ground as a pile of rags and bones. The party examine Ristiel, who seems to have been afflicted with some kind of curse or disease. He does not regain consciousness, so the adventurers search the tomb, and leave. They find a necklace bearing the symbol of an oak tree, some Dust of Disappearance, and a potion of thunder resistance. They also take back with them a jar in the shape of an elf, for the university.

Returning to town, they leave Ristiel with the priests in the shrine of Melora, and return to the university for their reward, and to share their findings. Eryn is fairly eager to pursue the nature of the foreign constellations, and arranges to escort an astronomer from the university back to the tomb.

Once meeting up with Ristiel again, the party decide to visit the theatre, and rather than paying the price of a ticket, they dress up as noblemen, and Ristiel and Lindal use their deceptive skills to convince the ticket collector they are in the act, and must get in right away. This earns Ristiel trust in the party quickly, and they settle down for a play.


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