Adventures In Galeroth

Barrows & Basilisks

Asking around the University, the adventurers find some information about the contents and appearances of the barrows. They seem to be largely a mystery, and some have been explored, but this has not revealed much. They decide to attempt to find one that is sealed, even if it meant possibly disturbing archaeological evidence inside.

After shopping for a couple of supplies, the party set out towards the moors surrounding the city, through the dense, low fog. After a few hours of wandering without any signs of burial mounds, they finally spot an entrance.

The door is broken, shattered in half, and rubble lays around the entrance. The rubble seems to also be from a set of statues. Proceeding indoors, the party find a large antechamber, with several clay figures of elves, along with a larger, stone statue of a female elf. In the center of the floor is a large square hole, which leads 20ft. down to another chamber. While searching for something to tie a rope to, so that they can descend, they push the female statue, and discover it is not attached to the floor. The statue falls and shatters.

Finding this curious, Barthandelus realizes they may be dealing with a Basilisk, and the statue was in fact a petrified elven woman. Not caring for her, he throws the head down the shaft to try and provoke the Basilisk. They hear movement, but nothing else, and they decide to lure it out with a Giant Goat’s head tied to a rope. They succeed, and the Basilisk climbs out to get them.

After a brief fight, the Basilisk is felled by a flaming chromatic orb from Barthandelus, and falls down the shaft. There are casualties however, as Rahotep is taken by the beast’s glare, and is turned to stone.

The adventurers explore the lower chamber, and find a ruined coffin there, shattered by the beast. The floor is damp and puddles form in low spots on the floor, and a thin layer of moss covers most of the stonework.

Amongst the rubble of the coffin, there is a skeleton of an Elf. It carries little more than simple clothing, and a pendant. Eryn examines the pendant, which has embossed on it a symbol of an Oak Tree. This is the same symbol on the mysterious box left to Eryn by his parents, before his capture and enslavement.

They also find 2 more humanoid statues, in curious poses. They are of an Elven man, and a halfling woman, who seems to be clutching a holy symbol. The adventurers decide to harvest the body of the Basilisk, since they know the oils in the gullet of the lizard-like creature possess the power to return a statue of a person to it’s original form. They apply this to Rahotep, and also to the two statues in the lower chamber.

All 3 people return to flesh and blood, and are awoken. The Halfling introduces herself as Athelia, and the Elf introduces himself as Faelar. They ask after their friend, who they find has been shattered into many pieces. They grieve for a while, but thank the party for their help in restoring their bodies, and offer to journey back with them, after a short blessing by Athelia for her fallen comrade.

On the way back the party learn Athelia and Faelar have been petrified for several months, and were there clearing the Barrow so the University could research what was left. They also reveal Sarya, the fallen female Elf, was a student at the University in Nine Stones, and was studying the Barrows. They reach Nine stones, and visit the university, asking after Sarya’s professors, and her notes she made before her death. They find little about the elven civilization, and the party decide they should look for a sealed Barrow the next day.


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