Adventures In Galeroth


The party board their ship, and ready themselves to sail onward to the next island in the chain, slightly larger than the last. As they draw closer, they also spot a ship looming over the horizon. It is heading straight in their direction. Fearing the worst, the adventurers prepare for combat.

As the ship closes into firing range, it turns to deliver a broadside. The party keep heading directly at the enemy ship, and its cannons erupt into clouds of smoke. 2 cannonballs plow into the fishing ship, one of them obliterating beloved shipmate Hugh, leaving only 2 fingers, and his hat.

The next volley misses, and the party can now make out the occupants of the ship, being skeletons and a ghoul. Eryn fires a couple of shots off, slaying the ghoul, as Ristiel mutters a spell under his breath. The two ships collide, and Ristiel runs up the bow of the fishing ship, and vaults onto the enemy ship, firing his hand crossbow as he flips over, and lands neatly on the deck.

Taking inspiration from this feat, Torhm attempts the same, but slips off the bow, and plummets into the waters below, sinking fairly fast in his heavy armour. Seeing this happen, Eryn and Lindal spring to his aid, and throw fishing nets over the side, luckily catching Torhm and they begin to haul him aboard. As they save their companion, Ristiel fights off the entire undead crew single handedly.

With Torhm back aboard, the adventurers board the enemy ship and clear up the remaining skeletons. Examining the damage, the adventurers themselves are lightly wounded, but their ship has been crippled. The ship they stand on is in pristine condition however. Realising this, the party tow their fishing ship back to Farcrest, and dock to negotiate with the shipwrights.

Previously the adventurers had brought back a ship with heavy damage to the rudder, and now they have also captured a trade ship in good condition. After some negotiations, the shipwright offers the party 500 gold, and to fix the fishing ship that belongs to a widow in Farcrest, and in return he will take the damaged ship and it’s cargo. Begrudgingly, the party accept.

As soon as possible, Lindal Leagallow and his Band of Begrudging Acquaintances embark on their new ship, towards the unexplored islands. They soon arrive at their destination, and row to the island on a newly acquired rowboat. The island is mostly empty, except for a small hut near the woods, with a campfire burning outside. Curious, the party investigate, and find no one answers the door, or is inside. They continue down a forest path, and find that walking the other direction is an aged man with a fishing rod and an armful of freshly caught fish.

He seems confused, and ultimately uninterested in the goings on around Farcrest, and the pirate attacks. All he really wants is to go to his hut and eat his fish. Also confused, the party try to pry further, but the man reveals little, except that his name is Ed.

Somewhat suspicious, the party leave the island, and travel to the next, as evening begins. They draw close, and plan their approach. The ship floats round to the sheer cliffs on one side of the island, and Lindal turns Eryn invisible with a spell. Eryn drops down into the rowboat, and makes his way towards the island. As he does, a group of skeletons appear on the cliff, and begin firing arrows. After a skirmish, and the near death of a shipmate Stephen, the party get themselves on the island alive.

The adventurers explore the island, and within the wooded area they come across a clearing, in which is a shrine of Melora. The shrine has been desecrated by the corpses of squids, and their ink which has been smeared across the eyes of the statue of the goddess. Standing in the clearing is a woman, alongside a Ghoul, and two impish creatures. The woman warns the adventurers they should leave, and the Ghoul moves to block their path to her.

Ristiel sees the sacrilege that has befallen his guardian’s shrine, and anger fills him. He steps forward, disregarding the ghoul, and questions the woman as to who she is, and what she has done here. In the misunderstanding and hostile warnings, Eryn fires a shot, hitting the woman in the leg, and fighting breaks out. The woman reveals herself to be a spell caster, paralyzing Eryn, and hurling fire at the party. As the imps fall, their unstable existence erupts into bursts of elemental energy, blinding and harming the party. The ghoul is also slain, and the party close in on the woman. She takes a few stops back, realizing she is not going to make it out alive, and submits. Lindal takes her staff, and Torhm accepts her surrender.

Eryn and Ristiel have other ideas, attacking the woman still. After some arguing the adventurers agree to spare the woman while she explains what she is doing, and why. She introduces herself as Elanor, and that she is the source of the undead that have been troubling ships on the area.

Elanor explains her parents were slain by pirates form Yarag
har, since there are not enough military ships in the area, and she turned to powers above her to fix this. She pledged herself to an ancient Kraken, who granted her necromantic powers. She used them to raise crews from the dead, and take over ships which she used to fight the pirates, and harass military escorts, hoping that the Kingdom would notice, and send more escorts. Things slowly got out of hand, and due to the Kraken’s influence and her own inability, she made some mistakes, and civilians started to die too. Things have been getting worse, and she has been wanting to find a way out of this for a while, but inside herself she wants nothing more than revenge, and this is more important.

The party attempt to convince her not to continue fighting, and to release the corpses she has raised back to their rest. She does so, and asks the adventurers to help her exact her revenge on the pirates still. They agree, and hatch a plan to frame the pirates from Yarahar for the attacks, and possibly incite open war with the state of Yarahar.

They return to Farcrest with the news, and the Lord Mayor Halgard seems troubled by the news. He also seems somewhat skeptical, but he will bring up the issues with the council, and write some letters, after which he can talk to the adventurers with a decision on what to do with this information.


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