Adventures In Galeroth

Off The Beaten Path

After some rest and relaxation in Buckwell, the adventurers sat down in The Krimm Head to make a plan. They decided after some deliberation that they would travel to Lionsgate, the capital city. To save time, they asked in the Forestry Guild for a guide to take them through Buckwell Forest.

After purchasing some supplies for the long journey, they set off. Their Guide, a gnome called Aldous Whitewind, keeps them on track while they travel. The party set up a camp to rest the night in a small clearing, and take watch. Rahotep’s watch is interrupted by the tree he is leaning on, which suddenly begins to move, and attacks.

The heavy branches of the tree strike Rahotep, cutting open his head, but he manages to roll away and shout to wake the others. After a skirmish the tree is immolated by Barthandelus, but the adventurers are far from unhurt. They finish their rest, and set off again in the morning.

Another day of travel seems uneventful, but again they are attacked in their camp at night. Eryn’s keen ears manage to pick up the sound of a group of Giant Wasps who are closing in on the camp. He wakes the party, who manage to fell the wasps. Rahotep is stung, and poisoned. Seeing some potential, Eryn tries to harvest some of the venom, but forgets a cut on his hand, and only succeeds in poisoning himself. Lindal and Thiadir do manage to harvest a couple of vials of the venom however.

Continuing their journey, the party arrive in Lionsgate the next day. Barthandelus immediately visits the University, where he finds his old colleague from Zelastra, and learns of two locations of interest, which may hold mysteries and wealth. One is an old port village in the marshes to the East, where several people or creatures seem to have taken up residence. The other is the Elven barrows near Nine Stones, a city in the North.

That evening they visit the Sorcerer’s Remorse, the tavern with strong ties to the university, which is full of wizards and scholars. The party engage in games and conversation with the other patrons, and Eryn, under a dodgy disguise, learns of the nature of the barrows near Nine Stones. They are from an Elven civilization, which seems to not be based anywhere near Nine Stones, since nobody knows the culture that leave their dead in these barrows.

The journey continues with a stop at Ash Hill, a small village atop a hill, perpetually blanketed by ash, seemingly from the West. The village is quiet and small, and the people weary. The buildings’ tiled roofs are blackened, and the farms raise mostly hardy cattle and other livestock. The party stay in an Inn called the Meady Ogre, a fairly average tavern.

With an uneventful night camped on the road, the party finally arrive in Nine Stones, a large city named after a strange rock formation in the centre. The population has a large proportion of Elves, and a handful of Dwarves too. They promptly decide on the tavern known as HornPub, where all the drinks are served in horns, and sleep away their weariness from the road.


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