Adventures In Galeroth

Wolves, Wind, and Fire

Waking in the night, the adventurers set out checking the caverns below for any goblin presence that lingers. Armed with a lantern, they prowl the depths of the caves, and find some wolves in a pit, and various items of value. No goblins are seen.

The party debate on what to do with the wolves. Lindal seizes control somehow, and persuades the party to help him free the wolves. In a roundabout procedure, the party manage to lure the wolves out of the caverns with some salted meats, somehow not being mauled.

They return to the Krimm Outpost, where they meet with Janos and his men, and share their victory with the Gnomes. They drink and celebrate. Once the revelries are over in the morning, the party set out to claim the bounties on the creatures heads.

A brief stop in Velen nets the party a healthy sum of money from the Mayor, and a few items in exchange for trinkets found in the caverns below the Krimm Fort. They secure a couple of scrolls from an elderly merchant, and have a conversation with an interesting Gnome, who’s pet duck Charles catches Lindal’s eye.

Journeying back to Buckwell, Barthandelus keenly pursues Amara, the Air Genasi he has learned of a week or so ago. She is in the Krimm Head Tavern, where she is researching some information on some fugitives, as far as they can gather.

After a fairly awkward introduction, Amara becomes interested in Barthandelus, since she has not seen another of her kind either, and she is willing to open up slightly to the Fire Genasi. She introduces her companion, a Dragonborn Knight of Gold, called Tirik. They talk a while, and agree to resume their conversation later that evening over drinks.

Meanwhile, Eryn strolls into the room and picks up a book, and listens keenly into their conversation. Having read a lot of books while meditating, he also understands much of what they speak of. They reveal they are after a couple of fugitives belonging to the Cult of Orcus, who have fled with a dangerous artifact of some sort.

Orcus is the Ruler of Thanatos, Lord of the Abyss, Prince of Undeath. The vile creature once tried to take over the Material plane long ago, but was defeated. The army which defeated him was an alliance of Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Dragons. He fled, but left his weapon, to which his life force is bound. The weapon was taken by the Goldcloak Knights, and used to ward the Material plane against his presence.

Eryn leaves a while later, and shares what he has learned with the group. A while later Amara and Tirik join the adventurers for drinks. After a pleasant evening, and getting to know the two strangers better, the party set off some business around the town, where Amara catches Barthandelus to tell him she is leaving for Velen. He asks if she needs help, but she warns him seeming too eager to get involved could be a problem, the meaning of which confuses the party.

Eryn purchases some poison for a respectable amount of gold from an elderly woman, and Thiadir finds an alchemist willing to part with a book on potion making. They then try to secure some work, wary of pursuing Amara. Talking to Overseer Brownlock, head of Buckwell, they learn of some wolf problems that a nearby farmer has had.

They journey out of the town to the farm, where they find a Gnomish farmer, who explains he has had some terrible problems with hungry wolves, who have eaten almost all of his flock of sheep. They have come from Buckwell Forest, where the adventurers head swiftly.

Following the tracks Lindal managed to pick up on, the party leaves behind a handy trail of ball bearings to follow back, courtesy of Eryn. After a short while they find a pack of wolves, who have been living near a clearing.

Lindal exercises a new spell, turning Eryn ivisible, and he sneaks to the edge of the clearing an looses a few bolts. Joined by Barthandelus and Eryn, a skirmish ensues, and the wolves are slain.

Returning to the town of Buckwell, the party get their reward, enhanced by what they have learned to be a dire wolf, and spend some immediately. Barthandelus asks the tanner to make him a hat from the head of the wolf.

Meanwhile Eryn skulks to the edge of the city, returning to the woman who sold him poison. She sells him a poisoner’s kit, which he gets for a discount upon agreeing to find the woman an ingredient for making poison, the midnight cap, found deep in the forests of Ostvirn.

Assault on the Krimm Fort Episode III: Revenge of the Goat

After recuperating at the Krimm Outpost with Janos and his men, the party leave to finish off the last 2 remaining goblin leaders. They bid Janos good luck, and ensure him they will return with good news.

Around midday the party reach the fort, laying in a valley in the foothills of the Krimm Mountains. Eryn sneaks closer to the fort to scout it, and spots a couple of goblins on the walls, but unfortunately is seen. Lindal, Barthandelus, and Thiadir rush in to help.

Rushing up the rock to enter the fort, Eryn slays a couple of guards, while Barthandelus launches firebolts from extreme range, under the disguise of a rock. Lindal and Thiadir close distance on the fort, while Lindal cheerily recites poems and limericks to keep the spirits high.

Eventually the fort surface is cleared, and the party clear out the small huts inside. Lindal finds a tent, stocked with the finest Oldfield Cider, which he enjoys while practicing one of his latest tunes. Meanwhile, out from the tunnel doors bursts 2 ugly half-gnome half-goblin monstrosities. One cackles as he gallops out on his giant goat, waving 2 axes in the air frantically. This one is known as Hoof. The other charges, clad in stout chainmail, riding atop a large boar. This is Tusk.

As quickly as they appeared, Tusk is dismounted by Eryn’s short sword, which severs the boar’s front leg, hurling the rider hard to the ground. A skirmish ensues, with Thiadir and Barthandelus dodging the goat as it charges past. Hoof is quickly slain, leaving the goat to rampage wildly. More goblins emerge from the tunnel and join the fray.

Meanwhile, Lindal has finished his first cup of cider, and pours another, blissfully ignoring the chaos outside. During the fray, Thiadir is struck by the giant goat at full charge, and is knocked clean off his feet, where he lays. He uses the last of his strength to draw air under his shattered ribs, and scream: “Lindaaaaaaal!”.

Finally roused, Lindal rushes out of the tent, and casts a couple of spells, swiftly repairing the worst of Thiadir’s wounds. Lindal then realises the goat is headed for him, and dashes into the storeroom next to him. Thiadir retreats up a ladder, and thankfully this goat is not of the ladder climbing variety found in the wild western regions.

While Lindal cowers in the storeroom drinking some whiskey he found, the rest of the party slay the remaining goblins, and Tusk falls to one of Eryn’s crossbow bolts. Lindal, with the help of some liquid courage, rushes out to face the goat, and attacks it with his axe. Being of short stature, and little to speak of athletically, the goat is fairly unphased, but luckily is slain before it can do any damage to the halfling.

With the goblins cleared up, the adventurers set up a few bedrolls in the smithy, and try to rest and recover from their wounds sustained during the fight,

Assault on the Krimm Fort Episode II: Attack of the Gnomes

After resting a while, seemingly without incident, the party have bandaged their wounds from the initial assault. Barthandelus has regained his feet, although he is still wounded badly.

The party drag the crates they have barricaded the doors with out of the way, and open the doors. Greeting them is a 40ft tunnel, at a downward angle, and an awful stench. There is a slight sound of running water.

Eryn sneaks down into the cavern, but disturbs some of the rocks near the bottom, and alerts a few goblins in the room. The cavern is huge, and running across the middle is a small stream. There are a few bedrolls and campfires, and some tables.
Eryn quickly takes a shot with his crossbow, and runs back up the tunnel to warn the others.

After a brief skirmish in the room, the goblins are slain, and an eerie silence falls over the cavern. Niphry falls during the fight, but is quickly attended to by Janos. After this fight, the adventurers decide they will not survive another encounter, possibly with the Bastards themselves, and retreat back out of the cavern.

As they leave the fort, they contemplate sabotaging the gate, but are unable to think of a good way to do it, so simply head back towards the camp they found previously.

As they leave, they notice motion outside the fort, as Tooth, one of the Bastards, appears riding a large wolf. He is flanked by 2 goblins. He is quickly slain by Eryn, who puts a bolt in his head, and the other 2 goblins are dealt with, but not before Darlon falls to one of their swords.

They remove the Bastard’s head, and head back into the woods, carrying 2 gnomes. They meet Rahotep, Thiadir and Lindal, and reach the Gnomish outpost very late that night, where they sleep off their wounds.

Janos tells the party he and his men will not be able to join the next attack regrettably, but he wishes them well.

Assault on the Krimm Fort Episode I: The Goblin Menace

After resting a while at the small cavern where we left the party, they began to set out to scout the fort. Unfortunately, Thiadir was afflicted by a terrible instantaneous illness, and could not keep up.

Lindal decided to rest him in the cavern, and hide the entrance with some leaves. Rooting through a pile of fallen leaves revealed Rahotep, in a hungover slumber, somehow finding himself far out in the forest after a marathon brothel visit.

Confused, but accepting enough, the party decide to continue with the help of Sprygauge and his men, to form a plan. After a look over the fort, the adventurers decide to have Barthandelus blast the front gate open with a mighty spell, while the others climb the hill next to the fort and enter from there.

Apparently frightened by the prospect of invading a fort packed full of cruel creatures, Lindal flees, calling back that he’s going to keep an eye on Thiadir, and firing off healing spells over his shoulder.

The plan commences with Barthandelus, concentrating his energy to form a firebolt, and cast it far towards the gate of the fort. The orange orb of flame strikes the gate with a small poof, and a tuft of smoke rises lazily upwards. A small scorch mark scars the wood.

This alerts the goblins on the walls, who rain arrows towards Barthandelus, felling him. Meanwhile the rest of the adventurers and the Gnomes attack the fort from the opposite side, cutting down the goblins in their path fairly rapidly. Eryn kills as rapidly as normal, while Rahotep proves his worth, cutting down a few goblins and a wolf.

Clearing out the Fort surface, the party rest a while, to let Barthandelus recover from his wounds. Janos and the Spears are not happy about this, and are very wary while they wait.


Arriving in the small town of Velen, Taurak and Rahotep head directly for the local tavern, the 10-foot Pole. They were efficient in their drinking, and weren’t seen for several days, possibly having discovered a discreet brothel somewhere in Velen.

The others begin to look for work, and Barthandelus asks around about rumours of a Genasi’s presence. Coming to the Mayor’s hall they talk with Mayor Thaeric and his secretary, and learn of the goblin troubles.

The road between Velen and Buckwell has been dangerous lately, with caravans and travellers being attacked by many goblin ambushes. The rumours are that the Tribes of the Krimm mountains have united under a trio of leaders, known as the Three Bastards. A bounty is arranged on each of their heads, and the party confidently assure Mayor Aston Thaeric that he can consider it done.

Barthandelus is also told of a mysterious Genasi, known as Amara, who is pursuing some fugitives with the help of a Goldcloak Knight. She has left North towards Buckwell just 2 days earlier.

In the mountain pass between Buckwell and Velen is a Gnomish outpost, helping travellers along the narrow path. The party set out to spend the night here, hoping to learn more of the goblin attacks.

On the way, the party are ambushed by a few goblins, and a tamed wolf. Fighting them off, the adventurers arrive late at night at the outpost. They are greeted by a small band of Gnomes known as the Spears of Sprygauge, lead by Janos Sprygauge. As they ask after the goblins, and the Three Bastards, Janos tells his story.

The goblins were bold before, many years ago, and at the height of their power they captured his Wife, Ciara, and took her. She gave birth to three children, fathered by the previous leader of the Krimm Tribe, twisted half-Gnome creatures, paler than other goblins, and more intelligent. They rose to power as they grew, eventually killing their father, and taking his place. Ciara’s fate is not known.

The party arrange to hunt the tribe with the aid of Janos, and the Spears, but first a retainer must be secured from Buckwell, to guard the outpost in their absence.

Journeying to Buckwell, and making a little extra gold escorting a caravan, the adventurers are ambushed again, but the adventurers and the caravan drivers make it to the town alive.

In Buckwell, a Gnomish town, the party meet with the captain of the guard, and arrange a small unit of guards to be dispatched with them the following morning. They then drink and trade in the town, and visit the Dank Meads Tavern.

Barthandelus then pursues Amara again, and finds out she is staying in the Krimm’s Head tavern, and he waits there for her to return, but retires to sleep before she returns from wherever she may be. He learns her accomplice is a Dragonborn.

Returning to the outpost in the morning, the party follow Sprygauge into the forests leading into the Krimm mountains. Yet again the goblins keep a very low profile, and attack. Slaying their assailants once more, the goblins are defeated, and it appears they were staying in a cavern under a hatch in the ground.

In the cavern they find a small fortune in platinum coins, and a few lost crates belonging to the Lion’s Logistics Company. The adventurers rest a short while, before setting off for the fort where the goblin tribe is based.

Bounty Hunting

Carrying the unconscious body of Thiadir through the streets of Westrun, the adventurers attracted some looks, but they quickly came to the church. For a small fee, Thiadir stayed here recuperating from his wounds.

Meeting in the morning after spending a night in the Wand & Wyrm, the party set out to find work in Westerfell, the more dangerous kind. They learn of the Bronzethorn Guard, a mercenary company who oversee the security of the city, instead of a city watch. They offer various bounties and other one-off jobs.

At the headquarters they find a halfling secretary, who shows them the bounties available, and the adventurers decide to pursue a local man wanted for kidnap and murder around the Halfway Inn.

Halfway between Westerfell, Velen, and Farcrest, is the Halfway Inn. Set at a crossroads between the settlements, many travelers and caravans stop by to stay the night. The tavern is large, and the party enter seperately. Leading a suspicious looking man to believe Lindal is incredibly drunk, he wanders off towards Farcrest alone.

The man follows Lindal, keeping his distance, while Eryn stalks through the bushes at the edge of the road. Lindal stumbles and falls on the road, hoping the man will take the bait. Evidently having spotted the elf skulking in the brush, the man produces a fiery blast, which strikes near Eryn, scorching him and setting the bushes on fire.

Lindal leaps up, and puts some distance between him and the spellcaster. He cries out to the party who are a hundred feet or so down the road. They rush to join the conflict, and after taking a bolt from Eryn, the man is subdued into a sleep by Thiadir’s magic.

They take the kidnapper back to the inn, and explain the situation to the innkeep. The dwarf allows them use of a barn and toolshed to keep the man overnight, and offer his guard’s help in watching him.

The night passes with little incident, save a trick played on Taurak by the man. The party interrogate the man and learn he is the kidnapper, and has been murdering the victims, and taking their bodies to sell to a mysterious contact. They travel to Westerfell, along with Rahotep and another guard, who escort them.

Arriving back at the headquarters with their quarry, the party take a generous reward, and explain the immoral arrangement the kidnapper had. After going shopping for various items, the party leave Westerfell for Velen, along with Rahotep who returns to the Halfway Inn.

Onwards to Westerfell

As they left the tavern in Lionsgate, a large Goliath sitting in the tavern wandered after the adventurers, staring intently at Barthandelus.

“Why is your head on fire?” he asks. After some conversation the party realise the Goliath isn’t very intelligent, and is genuinely interested. They find his name is Taurak.

Taurak Peakslayer Auramatagatchu was cast out of his clan for failing a rite of passage. He has since sought to prove his combat prowess after being ridiculed by his brothers. Interested by the group of adventurers, who seem to be drawn to danger, he decides to travel with them. He takes to Eryn, who often kills people too.

Accompanied by their newest member, the party arrive in Morsvale the next evening. Barthandelus takes off immediately after entering town, on ‘family business’. The rest of the group head to the tavern, and get on with drinking.

FInding his mother’s house empty, Barthandelus asks around about her, Cefry Brightwood. She has moved in with a local hunter across town, and it is the hunter who answers the door when he knocks. Cefry is incredibly pleased to see her son again, and refers to him by his birth name, Ander. She explains her situation and how she moved in with John, a local hunter, after finding money difficult to come by. The three tell stories over dinner, and Barthandelus stays the night.

When morning comes the party meet at the tavern, and prepare for the road to Westerfell. They visit a general store to purchase camping supplies, a few tents and bedrolls, and set off. The party camp off in a treeline, and have a mostly undisturbed sleep. The party are fed by Taurak, who scavenges in the forest for some ‘sandwiches’, and returns with root vegetables, and an armful of hedgehogs. Avoiding the hedgehogs, the party eats fairly well for being on the road, thanks to the skills of Taurak, and his unexpected ability to catch small woodland creatures.

Continuing on the road, the party spot an impending ambush, and move to attack. The brigands, realising they’ve been spotted, abandon their plans and return fire.

Falling to Eryn’s swift attacks, and Barthandelus’ elemental fury, the bandits are slain. The adventurers do not get off lightly however, and Thiadir is gravely wounded. Hanging on to his life, and Taurak’s shoulder, he is carried onwards towards Westerfell, just a few hours walk from where they were attacked.

The Journey to Ostvirn

After murdering the Pit Boss of the Arena in Zelastra, Eryn Praeteritus flees to the docks, and buys passage to Lionsgate, the capitol of The Kingdom of Westrun. On board this ship he meets a halfing, Lindal Leagallow, who is off to seek a fortune entertaining the people of Westrun, where he began his career as an entertainer.

Stopping off at Highcroft to trade, they meet a young half-elf, Thiadir Tentaculus. Disillusioned with his homeland, and the Archfey he has pledged his service to, he seeks to travel the world and either restore his faith, or find another source of his otherworldly power.

The boat arrives in Lionsgate, where the adventurers disembark. As they walk through the docks, Eryn is stopped by two men who appear to be Zaelorian, and they attack. Intervening, Lindal and Thiadir aid the elf in overcoming his attackers, and the elf quickly dispatches both men.

Slightly worried about the violence of their companion, Thiadir and Lindal find a the cheapest tavern in the city, and quickly plow through a few rounds of ale, while Eryn heads to bed.

The next morning, another boat arrives at the docks of Lionsgate. The boat is much sleeker and faster, an expensive University transport. The vessel bears valuable artifacts and research, as well as personnel. Among these scholars is Barthandelus Maizstrom, a Genasi Sorcerer, and former student in Zelastra. He meets a contact at the University in Lionsgate, who explains there has been rumours of a Genasi of a different kind in the south-west of the Kingdom. Barthandelus immediately sets off towards the gates, where he can find passage to Velen, the last known location of the Genasi.

The trio in ‘The Beast & The Harlot’ soon awake, and find that a man has been inquiring into the whereabouts of Eryn. The man soon returns, and having been noticed, flees. After being magically put to sleep, the man falls and the chase comes to a rapid conclusion, right in the path of Barthandelus.

Lindal immediately recognises the distinctive orange figure, and calls out. The two have a short reunion, and explain their stories. Among them, they decide to accompany Barthandelus to Velen. After rousing from the magical sleep, and being knocked out by a blow to the back of the head from Lindal’s Lute, the suspicious man is dragged back into the tavern, up to Eryn’s room. He ties the man to the chair and interrogates him, finding out he is looking for revenge after the death of the Pit Boss Jantos Athanys. Eryn stabs the man in the throat, and leaves him in the room, spilling blood across the floor. He leaves a hefty tip for the innkeep, and the adventurers leave for Velen.


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