Adventures In Galeroth

Underground Resistance

As they stand over the bodies of the soldiers, the adventurers realise they should hide them, and drag them off the road into the treeline. The dead ones are piled, while the unconscious soldier lies separately. The party decide to rest the night, and question the survivor in the morning. Lindal conjures up a dome for them to sleep under, and they sleep.

In the morning, they find the survivor gone, and crawling, scuffling tracks away from the dome. Following them, they find the soldier fleeing, still tied. They stop him, and question him as much as they can. They gain information on the guards’ patrols, and other valuable information they can use to their advantage. The adventurers decide to let the soldier live, and leave him with some gold as an incentive to keep his mouth shut.

Th party then searches the forest, and discovers a well hidden camp, seemingly recently used. Hanging around the area for a few hours, eventually a pair of masked figures appear from the trees, and they approach cautiously. After working out they are members of the resistance against the baroness, they ask if they can help, since they share a common goal. The men agree, and after sundown show them to a farmhouse in a nearby village.

A middle aged man greets them, and hurries them inside, closing and locking the door behind them. He sits the adventurers down, and asks them their purpose here, and what they can do to help the people. After deducing they can be of assistance, the man sends them down a hidden hatch in his house, into a underground tunnel. Here they stay the night, and will be escorted down the tunnel the following day.

The tunnel takes them through to Yarahar, after a long walk. Coming out of another hatch in the floor of a building, the adventurers find themselves in a brothel. A Zaelorian man called Anoush greets them, welcoming them to his establishment, after which he shows them to a back room with an assortment of bunks. Here they stay, while meetings are arranged.

The following day they talk with Tomitaro Horii, a member of the Yaraharian nobility, who dislikes the baroness and her rule. He explains he wants her gone, mostly since she provokes Westrun, and risks an invasion, which would wipe Yarahar off the map. He doesn’t want this, and the only option is to replace Mori Taikan.

Moving by Night

The adventurers spend a couple of days in Farcrest, drinking and celebrating. The Lord Mayor contacts them a short while later, and delivers their reward for removing the source of the undead pirates. The Mayor then tells them of the letter he sent to the Sovereign Lockridge, and that he has dismissed the claims since they lack any evidence. There will be no actions taken against Yarahar.

While deciding their next move, a messenger delivers a letter to Lindal Leagallow, from Amara, the air Genasi. It reads:

“Lindal, word travels fast of you and your companions. The goldcloak Knights could use your help. I have found the fugitives I have been tracking, and I could use your help in confronting them. Olease come and meet me at The Spider’s Web in Morsvale. Amara.”

The party discuss whether to help Amara, or to aid Elanor in assassinating the Baroness of Yarahar, and her pirate captains. After a while, they decide to help Elanor, so they pick her up and bring her to Farcrest to gather some supplies and information.

Lindal visits the Lord Mayor, who agrees to allow Linda lto meet with some political Ambassadors who have visited Yarahar. They provide some useful information, and a few maps of the area.

Meanwhile, Ristiel and Eryn browse the taverns looking for some less-than-reputable sailors who may be able to smuggle them in to Yarahar. One man says he can help them, but instead Ristiel parts with some gold for information on where one could ‘deliver some grain’.

Having collected their information, and some supplies for the hourney, the adventurers turn to their trusty crew from the last job, supplemented by a few extras, who sail them to Yarahar in the dead of night, where they make their way ashore in the rowboat, and shelter in the forest.

The party watch the ship sail away back to Farcrest, leaving them quite alone in Yarahar. If they are discovered they will likely be taken prisoner, then tortured for information, and then likely disposed of.

Exploring the surrounding area tentatively, they find a small farming community nearby, where Eryn looks for a potential disguise in the form of some washing. Spotting some gowns drying in the evening air, Eryn swipes them and leaves a stack of silver coins behind. Returning victorious, the group debate on their next move, and decide to do more investigating tomorrow.

In the morning, Eryn sneaks to the outskirts of town to listen in on some conversations, and overhears that one woman in town has had her dressing gowns stolen in the night. He also hears that an Inspector is coming in a couple of days to ensure the harvest is going to be on schedule. Returning with this information, using the robes as a disguise is written off as a possible plan, and instead the party decide to seek out a guard patrol to ambush.

Waiting for nightfall again, the adventurers sneak along the beach, round a few farms towards a nearby fort. As they reach the road, they see a group of soldiers carrying a torch, and hit the ground quick to set up an ambush. In doing so, Torhm makes a racket in his armour, and the soldiers stop momentarily, before carrying on warily. As they come into range, Eryn fires off a shot with his crossbow, hitting the leader, and a melee ensues.

The party find the soldiers to be well trained compared to the goblins and bandits they are used to fighting, and take a few blows from their katanas, but Torhm proves his worth by mashing two of the soldiers up. Eryn manages to knock the leader out, leaving a large dent in his helmet. As the last soldier falls, the party get ready to clear up the mess.


The party board their ship, and ready themselves to sail onward to the next island in the chain, slightly larger than the last. As they draw closer, they also spot a ship looming over the horizon. It is heading straight in their direction. Fearing the worst, the adventurers prepare for combat.

As the ship closes into firing range, it turns to deliver a broadside. The party keep heading directly at the enemy ship, and its cannons erupt into clouds of smoke. 2 cannonballs plow into the fishing ship, one of them obliterating beloved shipmate Hugh, leaving only 2 fingers, and his hat.

The next volley misses, and the party can now make out the occupants of the ship, being skeletons and a ghoul. Eryn fires a couple of shots off, slaying the ghoul, as Ristiel mutters a spell under his breath. The two ships collide, and Ristiel runs up the bow of the fishing ship, and vaults onto the enemy ship, firing his hand crossbow as he flips over, and lands neatly on the deck.

Taking inspiration from this feat, Torhm attempts the same, but slips off the bow, and plummets into the waters below, sinking fairly fast in his heavy armour. Seeing this happen, Eryn and Lindal spring to his aid, and throw fishing nets over the side, luckily catching Torhm and they begin to haul him aboard. As they save their companion, Ristiel fights off the entire undead crew single handedly.

With Torhm back aboard, the adventurers board the enemy ship and clear up the remaining skeletons. Examining the damage, the adventurers themselves are lightly wounded, but their ship has been crippled. The ship they stand on is in pristine condition however. Realising this, the party tow their fishing ship back to Farcrest, and dock to negotiate with the shipwrights.

Previously the adventurers had brought back a ship with heavy damage to the rudder, and now they have also captured a trade ship in good condition. After some negotiations, the shipwright offers the party 500 gold, and to fix the fishing ship that belongs to a widow in Farcrest, and in return he will take the damaged ship and it’s cargo. Begrudgingly, the party accept.

As soon as possible, Lindal Leagallow and his Band of Begrudging Acquaintances embark on their new ship, towards the unexplored islands. They soon arrive at their destination, and row to the island on a newly acquired rowboat. The island is mostly empty, except for a small hut near the woods, with a campfire burning outside. Curious, the party investigate, and find no one answers the door, or is inside. They continue down a forest path, and find that walking the other direction is an aged man with a fishing rod and an armful of freshly caught fish.

He seems confused, and ultimately uninterested in the goings on around Farcrest, and the pirate attacks. All he really wants is to go to his hut and eat his fish. Also confused, the party try to pry further, but the man reveals little, except that his name is Ed.

Somewhat suspicious, the party leave the island, and travel to the next, as evening begins. They draw close, and plan their approach. The ship floats round to the sheer cliffs on one side of the island, and Lindal turns Eryn invisible with a spell. Eryn drops down into the rowboat, and makes his way towards the island. As he does, a group of skeletons appear on the cliff, and begin firing arrows. After a skirmish, and the near death of a shipmate Stephen, the party get themselves on the island alive.

The adventurers explore the island, and within the wooded area they come across a clearing, in which is a shrine of Melora. The shrine has been desecrated by the corpses of squids, and their ink which has been smeared across the eyes of the statue of the goddess. Standing in the clearing is a woman, alongside a Ghoul, and two impish creatures. The woman warns the adventurers they should leave, and the Ghoul moves to block their path to her.

Ristiel sees the sacrilege that has befallen his guardian’s shrine, and anger fills him. He steps forward, disregarding the ghoul, and questions the woman as to who she is, and what she has done here. In the misunderstanding and hostile warnings, Eryn fires a shot, hitting the woman in the leg, and fighting breaks out. The woman reveals herself to be a spell caster, paralyzing Eryn, and hurling fire at the party. As the imps fall, their unstable existence erupts into bursts of elemental energy, blinding and harming the party. The ghoul is also slain, and the party close in on the woman. She takes a few stops back, realizing she is not going to make it out alive, and submits. Lindal takes her staff, and Torhm accepts her surrender.

Eryn and Ristiel have other ideas, attacking the woman still. After some arguing the adventurers agree to spare the woman while she explains what she is doing, and why. She introduces herself as Elanor, and that she is the source of the undead that have been troubling ships on the area.

Elanor explains her parents were slain by pirates form Yarag
har, since there are not enough military ships in the area, and she turned to powers above her to fix this. She pledged herself to an ancient Kraken, who granted her necromantic powers. She used them to raise crews from the dead, and take over ships which she used to fight the pirates, and harass military escorts, hoping that the Kingdom would notice, and send more escorts. Things slowly got out of hand, and due to the Kraken’s influence and her own inability, she made some mistakes, and civilians started to die too. Things have been getting worse, and she has been wanting to find a way out of this for a while, but inside herself she wants nothing more than revenge, and this is more important.

The party attempt to convince her not to continue fighting, and to release the corpses she has raised back to their rest. She does so, and asks the adventurers to help her exact her revenge on the pirates still. They agree, and hatch a plan to frame the pirates from Yarahar for the attacks, and possibly incite open war with the state of Yarahar.

They return to Farcrest with the news, and the Lord Mayor Halgard seems troubled by the news. He also seems somewhat skeptical, but he will bring up the issues with the council, and write some letters, after which he can talk to the adventurers with a decision on what to do with this information.

The High Seas

The adventurers gather their new crew, and ready themselves to set out to sea. Ristiel and the crew members give the others a run through of sailing, and they cast off from Farcrest aboard their borrowed fishing ship.

After a few hours sailing and seeing nothing but other fishing ships, a larger vessel comes into view on the horizon. It bears no flags or markings, and heads directly for them. Fearing the worst, the party gather on the deck and make a quick plan.

They decide to sneak closer by using some magical Dust of Disappearance they came across to make the entire crew invisible, and let the ship drift. The other ship closes in, and they can make out it’s crew are not living. Skeletons walk the deck, being ordered around by a blue skinned ghoul. The undead pirates close in and seemingly ready grappling hooks, but the fishing ship turns behind them.

As the ship crosses the rear of the pirate ship, Lindal fires the cannon from below deck, and obliterates the rudder. The party then climb aboard the ship and reveal themselves, and slaughter the undead crew.

The party examine the ship, and find out it is a trade ship, belonging to a merchant based in Port Milvar. It was carrying goods from Port Milvar to Farcrest, where it must have come under attack and been commandeered. Many of the goods are still on board, but the ship is now missing its rudder.

The adventurers decide to tow the ship back to Farcrest, and they are blessed with calm seas as Ristiel mutters under his breath, clutching his holy symbol the whole way. Back in Farcrest, they inquire about repairs at the dry dock, and discover ship repairs are very expensive, but contemplate selling the ship in its current state. For the meantime they pay for a berth at the harbour and leave the boat there.

Setting off again, the party look for the islands they were told about, and come across one of a chain of three. They disembark and explore the island, nothing more than birds and the beach. Slightly disappointed, the crew board the ship and set off towards the next island.

The Shipwreck

After their stay in Buckwell, the party plan to journey southwards to Farcrest through Velen. They pass the outpost in the Krimm Pass, and find it guarded by Gnomish soldiers from Buckwell. They explain the retrieval of Janos is not a priority, but is possible in the future.

Reaching Velen, the party spend the night, and make their way on to the Halfway Inn. They reach the Inn, and notice there are banners hung on the side of the building. They read: “Under New Management”. Intrigued, the party decide to stay the night, instead of heading straight to Farcrest. They find the inside renovated, and the bartender replaced by a jolly looking dwarf. He greets the adventurers as they enter, throwing up his arms. “Hello, I’m Big Dick! Welcome to Big Dick’s Halfway Inn!”

Everyone is slightly taken aback, but they greet him, and inquire about his new Inn, and his business. He tells them he owns a brewery in Oldfield, where they make Cider. It is the best drink in the place, called “Big Dicks Halfway Inn Cider”. They spend the night in the Inn before making their way on to Farcrest.

On the journey, they are attacked by Gnolls, who come bounding out of the undergrowth and trees to attack the party. With the help of their new companion Torhm, who proves his worth, they fend off the Gnolls, and soon arrive in Farcrest safely.

Farcrest is a simple port town, and is relatively small. The adventurers were directed to the Lord Mayor, who will inform them of the details of the attacks, and give them any help they need.

The attacks have been conducted by crews of undead creatures, and focus on the military escort ships that protect trading vessels in the area. They leave few survivors. They recently have attacked a few civilian ships after there was a lapse in escorts. He tells them of a shipwreck which happened recently, a civilian ship. It was particularly brutal, and there was a message in the remains. He offers to send some men to take the party to see it.

The party make their way to the shipwreck, and find a disturbing mess of debris and corpses littering the beach. Scrawled on the side of the ship, broken on the shore, is a message: “For the drowned of Farcrest”. The corpses are covered, and a couple of watchmen pick through the wreckage, trying to find any information or hints as to where the murderous crews come from.

Searching the wreckage, the party find several sets of bones, complete skeletons, which are old and weathered. The bones also have a faint magical aura, suggesting they’ve been animated for this purpose. They also discover the cargo of the ship has mostly been left alone, so the attacks are not motivated by monetary gain. The only cargo missing is two crates of preserved meats.

Returning to town, the party visit the local bar, The Morning Cock. It is frequented by sailors and fisherman of the town, and is a rowdy place. They talk with the barman a while, who tells them of a survivor of the attacks, and after many drinks during a drinking competition, he tells the adventurers he knows of where they may be able to borrow a ship.

The following morning, the party talk with the survivor of the attacks on the ships, who lives in the north of town. He is timid but open, and tells them all he can. They then return to the barman, who has managed to source the adventurers a fishing ship, from a fisherman’s widow, who would rather see the ship go to some use, since they have no children. The party hire a few sailors in the bar who will make up the rest of the crew, and set about readying themselves for a voyage.

Beneath the Krimm Mountains

After waking in the Dank Meads Tavern, the party get ready for the journey southwards to Velen. They leave Buckwell, and after a few hours of walking, come across a small crowd of people in the road. There is a trading wagon, the driver of which is standing atop, and warning people on the road to turn back. There seems to have been some kind of attack on the outpost in the Krimm Pass, and the attackers may still be around.

Not heeding the warning, the party inquire further, and rush to the site of the attack. They arrive at the outpost to see a collection of bodies on the floor, and the remnants of a battle. Lindal casts a spell, turning Eryn invisible, and he sneaks forwards into the outpost to investigate.

He sees the bodies of Niphry and Greff being dragged away by two pale skinned dwarf-looking creatures. As he draws closer, the creatures notice the sounds of him walking, and drop the bodies, looking carefully around. They then recede into the rooms in the walls of the cliffs.

Pursuing them, he finds one in a room, not paying attention, and sneaks up on him, delivering a blow to the back of the head with his crowbar, and felling the creature. He binds it, and drags the creature back to the rest of the adventurers. They wake the creature, and attempt to question him, but he doesn’t seem to understand. More of the creatures emerge from the rooms, and after a short battle, they are slain. During the battle, the creatures use a magical ability to enlarge themselves, growing from dwarf size to over 6 feet.

The party investigate the rest of the outpost, and find no trace of Janos and Darlon, except for a tunnel that has been bored into the back wall of one of the rooms. They proceed down this dark tunnel, walking for an alarmingly long time. Eventually the tunnel reaches a cavern, with a small lake, and on the shore of it, a fortress. The party can just about make out figures moving within, and approach cautiously.

As Ristiel scurries ahead, a shout emerges from behind the walls, and the party freeze. They decide to begin to leave, and as they do they hear the doors of the fortress open, and turn to see two of the creatures, Duergar, in the doorway. The Duergar calls out in a guarded tone, his words unintelligible to the party, who decide to flee at this point.

They stay the night in the ruins of the outpost, after clearing some of the bodies, and blocking to room with the tunnel with a wagon. In the late hours of the night they are awoken by a low rumble and crash, and in the morning they confirm their fears that the tunnel has been collapsed, blocking their way back to the fortress, and presumably sealing Janos and Darlon deep below the earth.

The party return to Buckwell with the bodies of Niphry and Greff, who they deliver to the mortuary, and they inquire about the attacks, and find that it is not commonplace, but duergar attacks have been seen before. They take people for slaves, and disappear back beneath the mountains with them. The party spends the night in the Dank Meads Tavern, and plan their journey to Farcrest for the morning.

A Messenger From The South

The play depicts the explorer Elandor Tramenor, who journeys into the Wildwood, and tells tales of many fantastical beasts, and endless plains beyond the forest. He finds a great beast to bring back to the arenas of Zelastra. It is an ape of gigantic size, taller than the mansions in Nine Stones. He escaped and wrought havoc throughout the city, climbing the spire of the palace, and swatting the wyvern guard out the sky. He was tragically slain, and the play came to a close.

In the morning, the party meet with an astronomer from the University, Elmer Halfacre, who they escort to the barrow they cleared, and he examines the constellations and paintings. He reveals the ever-setting sun is thought to be a characteristic of the Feywild, a parallel plane of the Material Plane.

The next morning the party are contacted by a messenger from the Bronzethorn Guard in Westerfell, who brings news of a job, from the Lord Mayor of Farcrest, who needs a resolution to the attacks that have been happening in the seas around the town. It is reported the pirate ships are crewed by Skeletal warriors, and nightmarish creatures. They attack military escort ships on sight, and occasionally a civilian trading ship. There are rarely survivors.

The party decide they should make for Farcrest at once, so stock up on supplies, and set out for Lionsgate. They make it there, and hire a guide to take them through the forest, from a small group of Rangers in the City. They are assigned a ranger called Edric, who leads them into the forest. While in the forest, they are beset upon by Giant Spiders, and take quite a beating, but emerge victorious.

Eventually, after a 5 day travel, the party arrive in Buckwell. Eryn takes off immediately, and visits the old woman who runs an apothecary in town. She thanks him for the delivery of the Midnight Cap mushrooms, which he found in Buckwell Forest. The party then rent rooms in Dank Meads, and sleep for the night, ready to continue their journey in the morning.

A Newcomer Joins

As the party are discussing whether slavery and grave robbing should be legal over breakfast, a half-elf approaches the table. He walks confidently up with a smile across his face, listening in to their conversation. He is hardily built, but slender due to his elven heritage, and has a large yellow feather in his belt. He wears thick chain mail, and bears the holy symbol of Melora around his neck.

“You sound like the kind of people I’m looking for.” he says, joining their conversation. They welcome the stranger, with little suspicion, as he tells them he is a sailor, and after completing work on his last ship, he felt the need for a change of environment. Being used to dangerous work, he was keen to join an adventuring band.

The party accepted, and informed the sailor, who they learned to be Ristiel Aearandir, of their mission to find a sealed Elven barrow, much like the one they found a basilisk in. After talking with the professor they met before, Jandar Dormys, they arranged some payment in return for entering a sealed barrow, and ensuring it is safe.

Setting out that morning, the adventurers picked their way through the moors, in the low fog. They found their way quite confidently to the barrow that they had been directed to, and examined the entrance. In the side of the hill was set a wall, with a large stone door, sealed with dark red wax. The door was inscribed with a name, Qildor Elara, and decorative plant-like patterns. After a few firebolts from Barthandelus and a hefty shove, the door gave way and fell inwards.

They were greeted by a large atrium, with a paved stone floor. Purple flames from two stone braziers curled lazily towards the ceiling. The party entered, and picked their way through the atrium, investigating the pots and walls for signs of an entrance to another room. Eventually Lindal discovers a handle at the bottom of one of the pots, and twists it. A hatch raises just an inch in the center of the room. With his handy two crowbars, Eryn raises the platform, and with Ristiel, drags it away, revealing a dark shaft leading downwards.

Using their rope, the party make their way down the hole, and into a dark corridor below. and into a circular chamber. The chamber contained 4 pillars, and a large stone sarcophagus. The ceiling was domed, and painted dark purple, with bright stars painted in foreign constellations. Above the sarcophagus at the back of the chamber is painted a setting sun, giving the ceiling around it a dull orange glow.

Approaching with caution, Eryn manages to set off a dart trap, luckily escaping most of the poison’s effects. The party then take extra caution, and Ristiel approaches the sarcophagus, and pries it open with a crowbar. As he does, a thick black gas curls round the lid, and envelops him, and Ristiel falls back coughing and choking. After recovering, he opens the lid, and reveals a mummified body, which animates, and attacks.

Fighting with his long, sharp nails, the mummy assails Ristiel. As bolts from Eryn and Lindal’s crossbows fly, and chromatic orbs whizz overhead, Ristiel is beaten down by the mummy’s attacks, and falls to the floor, the first time he is healed by Lindal’s magic, but the second time it seems not to work.

After a hard fight, the mummy is slain, and falls to the ground as a pile of rags and bones. The party examine Ristiel, who seems to have been afflicted with some kind of curse or disease. He does not regain consciousness, so the adventurers search the tomb, and leave. They find a necklace bearing the symbol of an oak tree, some Dust of Disappearance, and a potion of thunder resistance. They also take back with them a jar in the shape of an elf, for the university.

Returning to town, they leave Ristiel with the priests in the shrine of Melora, and return to the university for their reward, and to share their findings. Eryn is fairly eager to pursue the nature of the foreign constellations, and arranges to escort an astronomer from the university back to the tomb.

Once meeting up with Ristiel again, the party decide to visit the theatre, and rather than paying the price of a ticket, they dress up as noblemen, and Ristiel and Lindal use their deceptive skills to convince the ticket collector they are in the act, and must get in right away. This earns Ristiel trust in the party quickly, and they settle down for a play.

Barrows & Basilisks

Asking around the University, the adventurers find some information about the contents and appearances of the barrows. They seem to be largely a mystery, and some have been explored, but this has not revealed much. They decide to attempt to find one that is sealed, even if it meant possibly disturbing archaeological evidence inside.

After shopping for a couple of supplies, the party set out towards the moors surrounding the city, through the dense, low fog. After a few hours of wandering without any signs of burial mounds, they finally spot an entrance.

The door is broken, shattered in half, and rubble lays around the entrance. The rubble seems to also be from a set of statues. Proceeding indoors, the party find a large antechamber, with several clay figures of elves, along with a larger, stone statue of a female elf. In the center of the floor is a large square hole, which leads 20ft. down to another chamber. While searching for something to tie a rope to, so that they can descend, they push the female statue, and discover it is not attached to the floor. The statue falls and shatters.

Finding this curious, Barthandelus realizes they may be dealing with a Basilisk, and the statue was in fact a petrified elven woman. Not caring for her, he throws the head down the shaft to try and provoke the Basilisk. They hear movement, but nothing else, and they decide to lure it out with a Giant Goat’s head tied to a rope. They succeed, and the Basilisk climbs out to get them.

After a brief fight, the Basilisk is felled by a flaming chromatic orb from Barthandelus, and falls down the shaft. There are casualties however, as Rahotep is taken by the beast’s glare, and is turned to stone.

The adventurers explore the lower chamber, and find a ruined coffin there, shattered by the beast. The floor is damp and puddles form in low spots on the floor, and a thin layer of moss covers most of the stonework.

Amongst the rubble of the coffin, there is a skeleton of an Elf. It carries little more than simple clothing, and a pendant. Eryn examines the pendant, which has embossed on it a symbol of an Oak Tree. This is the same symbol on the mysterious box left to Eryn by his parents, before his capture and enslavement.

They also find 2 more humanoid statues, in curious poses. They are of an Elven man, and a halfling woman, who seems to be clutching a holy symbol. The adventurers decide to harvest the body of the Basilisk, since they know the oils in the gullet of the lizard-like creature possess the power to return a statue of a person to it’s original form. They apply this to Rahotep, and also to the two statues in the lower chamber.

All 3 people return to flesh and blood, and are awoken. The Halfling introduces herself as Athelia, and the Elf introduces himself as Faelar. They ask after their friend, who they find has been shattered into many pieces. They grieve for a while, but thank the party for their help in restoring their bodies, and offer to journey back with them, after a short blessing by Athelia for her fallen comrade.

On the way back the party learn Athelia and Faelar have been petrified for several months, and were there clearing the Barrow so the University could research what was left. They also reveal Sarya, the fallen female Elf, was a student at the University in Nine Stones, and was studying the Barrows. They reach Nine stones, and visit the university, asking after Sarya’s professors, and her notes she made before her death. They find little about the elven civilization, and the party decide they should look for a sealed Barrow the next day.

Off The Beaten Path

After some rest and relaxation in Buckwell, the adventurers sat down in The Krimm Head to make a plan. They decided after some deliberation that they would travel to Lionsgate, the capital city. To save time, they asked in the Forestry Guild for a guide to take them through Buckwell Forest.

After purchasing some supplies for the long journey, they set off. Their Guide, a gnome called Aldous Whitewind, keeps them on track while they travel. The party set up a camp to rest the night in a small clearing, and take watch. Rahotep’s watch is interrupted by the tree he is leaning on, which suddenly begins to move, and attacks.

The heavy branches of the tree strike Rahotep, cutting open his head, but he manages to roll away and shout to wake the others. After a skirmish the tree is immolated by Barthandelus, but the adventurers are far from unhurt. They finish their rest, and set off again in the morning.

Another day of travel seems uneventful, but again they are attacked in their camp at night. Eryn’s keen ears manage to pick up the sound of a group of Giant Wasps who are closing in on the camp. He wakes the party, who manage to fell the wasps. Rahotep is stung, and poisoned. Seeing some potential, Eryn tries to harvest some of the venom, but forgets a cut on his hand, and only succeeds in poisoning himself. Lindal and Thiadir do manage to harvest a couple of vials of the venom however.

Continuing their journey, the party arrive in Lionsgate the next day. Barthandelus immediately visits the University, where he finds his old colleague from Zelastra, and learns of two locations of interest, which may hold mysteries and wealth. One is an old port village in the marshes to the East, where several people or creatures seem to have taken up residence. The other is the Elven barrows near Nine Stones, a city in the North.

That evening they visit the Sorcerer’s Remorse, the tavern with strong ties to the university, which is full of wizards and scholars. The party engage in games and conversation with the other patrons, and Eryn, under a dodgy disguise, learns of the nature of the barrows near Nine Stones. They are from an Elven civilization, which seems to not be based anywhere near Nine Stones, since nobody knows the culture that leave their dead in these barrows.

The journey continues with a stop at Ash Hill, a small village atop a hill, perpetually blanketed by ash, seemingly from the West. The village is quiet and small, and the people weary. The buildings’ tiled roofs are blackened, and the farms raise mostly hardy cattle and other livestock. The party stay in an Inn called the Meady Ogre, a fairly average tavern.

With an uneventful night camped on the road, the party finally arrive in Nine Stones, a large city named after a strange rock formation in the centre. The population has a large proportion of Elves, and a handful of Dwarves too. They promptly decide on the tavern known as HornPub, where all the drinks are served in horns, and sleep away their weariness from the road.


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