This campaign follows the adventures of several characters, from all over Galeroth. From the noble to former slaves, the adventurers seek wealth, power, knowledge, and several personal vendettas.

These are the members of the band of adventurers:

Lindal Leagallow, a halfling entertainer, born in Westrun. A natural entertainer, and novice of the arcane, Lindal is capable of both handling and avoiding a fight.

Barthandelus Maizstrom, a Fire Genasi, is a creature of stories and myths. He has spent much of his life in pursuit of knowledge, both arcane and historic, searching for information about his race, and possibly his father.

Thiadir Tentaculus is a half-elf, who has dedicated his life to an Archfey, a mysterious and powerful entity, who has granted him otherworldly arcane powers.

Eryn Praeteritus, former slave and arena fighter, is an elf who has experienced far more violence than most. Becoming skilled in many weapons, Eryn set out in the world after killing his master and escaping his slavery.

Taurak Peakslayer Auramatagatchu, a goliath from the mountains in the Frozen Crown. Standing head and shoulders over most men, and built for harsh environments, Taurak is a formidable enemy, although not a formidable mind.

Rahotep, a native to Zaelor, and former employee of a rich slaver, who was fired after helping one of the slaves attain freedom. He has left his continent for Ostvirn, where slavery is illegal, and hopes one day to bring the same restrictions to Zaelor.

Adventures In Galeroth