Adventures In Galeroth

A Messenger From The South

The play depicts the explorer Elandor Tramenor, who journeys into the Wildwood, and tells tales of many fantastical beasts, and endless plains beyond the forest. He finds a great beast to bring back to the arenas of Zelastra. It is an ape of gigantic size, taller than the mansions in Nine Stones. He escaped and wrought havoc throughout the city, climbing the spire of the palace, and swatting the wyvern guard out the sky. He was tragically slain, and the play came to a close.

In the morning, the party meet with an astronomer from the University, Elmer Halfacre, who they escort to the barrow they cleared, and he examines the constellations and paintings. He reveals the ever-setting sun is thought to be a characteristic of the Feywild, a parallel plane of the Material Plane.

The next morning the party are contacted by a messenger from the Bronzethorn Guard in Westerfell, who brings news of a job, from the Lord Mayor of Farcrest, who needs a resolution to the attacks that have been happening in the seas around the town. It is reported the pirate ships are crewed by Skeletal warriors, and nightmarish creatures. They attack military escort ships on sight, and occasionally a civilian trading ship. There are rarely survivors.

The party decide they should make for Farcrest at once, so stock up on supplies, and set out for Lionsgate. They make it there, and hire a guide to take them through the forest, from a small group of Rangers in the City. They are assigned a ranger called Edric, who leads them into the forest. While in the forest, they are beset upon by Giant Spiders, and take quite a beating, but emerge victorious.

Eventually, after a 5 day travel, the party arrive in Buckwell. Eryn takes off immediately, and visits the old woman who runs an apothecary in town. She thanks him for the delivery of the Midnight Cap mushrooms, which he found in Buckwell Forest. The party then rent rooms in Dank Meads, and sleep for the night, ready to continue their journey in the morning.


Take quite a beating AKA Realizing your character apparently has severe arachnophobia.

A Messenger From The South
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