Adventures In Galeroth

Assault on the Krimm Fort Episode II: Attack of the Gnomes

After resting a while, seemingly without incident, the party have bandaged their wounds from the initial assault. Barthandelus has regained his feet, although he is still wounded badly.

The party drag the crates they have barricaded the doors with out of the way, and open the doors. Greeting them is a 40ft tunnel, at a downward angle, and an awful stench. There is a slight sound of running water.

Eryn sneaks down into the cavern, but disturbs some of the rocks near the bottom, and alerts a few goblins in the room. The cavern is huge, and running across the middle is a small stream. There are a few bedrolls and campfires, and some tables.
Eryn quickly takes a shot with his crossbow, and runs back up the tunnel to warn the others.

After a brief skirmish in the room, the goblins are slain, and an eerie silence falls over the cavern. Niphry falls during the fight, but is quickly attended to by Janos. After this fight, the adventurers decide they will not survive another encounter, possibly with the Bastards themselves, and retreat back out of the cavern.

As they leave the fort, they contemplate sabotaging the gate, but are unable to think of a good way to do it, so simply head back towards the camp they found previously.

As they leave, they notice motion outside the fort, as Tooth, one of the Bastards, appears riding a large wolf. He is flanked by 2 goblins. He is quickly slain by Eryn, who puts a bolt in his head, and the other 2 goblins are dealt with, but not before Darlon falls to one of their swords.

They remove the Bastard’s head, and head back into the woods, carrying 2 gnomes. They meet Rahotep, Thiadir and Lindal, and reach the Gnomish outpost very late that night, where they sleep off their wounds.

Janos tells the party he and his men will not be able to join the next attack regrettably, but he wishes them well.


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