Adventures In Galeroth

Beneath the Krimm Mountains

After waking in the Dank Meads Tavern, the party get ready for the journey southwards to Velen. They leave Buckwell, and after a few hours of walking, come across a small crowd of people in the road. There is a trading wagon, the driver of which is standing atop, and warning people on the road to turn back. There seems to have been some kind of attack on the outpost in the Krimm Pass, and the attackers may still be around.

Not heeding the warning, the party inquire further, and rush to the site of the attack. They arrive at the outpost to see a collection of bodies on the floor, and the remnants of a battle. Lindal casts a spell, turning Eryn invisible, and he sneaks forwards into the outpost to investigate.

He sees the bodies of Niphry and Greff being dragged away by two pale skinned dwarf-looking creatures. As he draws closer, the creatures notice the sounds of him walking, and drop the bodies, looking carefully around. They then recede into the rooms in the walls of the cliffs.

Pursuing them, he finds one in a room, not paying attention, and sneaks up on him, delivering a blow to the back of the head with his crowbar, and felling the creature. He binds it, and drags the creature back to the rest of the adventurers. They wake the creature, and attempt to question him, but he doesn’t seem to understand. More of the creatures emerge from the rooms, and after a short battle, they are slain. During the battle, the creatures use a magical ability to enlarge themselves, growing from dwarf size to over 6 feet.

The party investigate the rest of the outpost, and find no trace of Janos and Darlon, except for a tunnel that has been bored into the back wall of one of the rooms. They proceed down this dark tunnel, walking for an alarmingly long time. Eventually the tunnel reaches a cavern, with a small lake, and on the shore of it, a fortress. The party can just about make out figures moving within, and approach cautiously.

As Ristiel scurries ahead, a shout emerges from behind the walls, and the party freeze. They decide to begin to leave, and as they do they hear the doors of the fortress open, and turn to see two of the creatures, Duergar, in the doorway. The Duergar calls out in a guarded tone, his words unintelligible to the party, who decide to flee at this point.

They stay the night in the ruins of the outpost, after clearing some of the bodies, and blocking to room with the tunnel with a wagon. In the late hours of the night they are awoken by a low rumble and crash, and in the morning they confirm their fears that the tunnel has been collapsed, blocking their way back to the fortress, and presumably sealing Janos and Darlon deep below the earth.

The party return to Buckwell with the bodies of Niphry and Greff, who they deliver to the mortuary, and they inquire about the attacks, and find that it is not commonplace, but duergar attacks have been seen before. They take people for slaves, and disappear back beneath the mountains with them. The party spends the night in the Dank Meads Tavern, and plan their journey to Farcrest for the morning.


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