Adventures In Galeroth

Moving by Night

The adventurers spend a couple of days in Farcrest, drinking and celebrating. The Lord Mayor contacts them a short while later, and delivers their reward for removing the source of the undead pirates. The Mayor then tells them of the letter he sent to the Sovereign Lockridge, and that he has dismissed the claims since they lack any evidence. There will be no actions taken against Yarahar.

While deciding their next move, a messenger delivers a letter to Lindal Leagallow, from Amara, the air Genasi. It reads:

“Lindal, word travels fast of you and your companions. The goldcloak Knights could use your help. I have found the fugitives I have been tracking, and I could use your help in confronting them. Olease come and meet me at The Spider’s Web in Morsvale. Amara.”

The party discuss whether to help Amara, or to aid Elanor in assassinating the Baroness of Yarahar, and her pirate captains. After a while, they decide to help Elanor, so they pick her up and bring her to Farcrest to gather some supplies and information.

Lindal visits the Lord Mayor, who agrees to allow Linda lto meet with some political Ambassadors who have visited Yarahar. They provide some useful information, and a few maps of the area.

Meanwhile, Ristiel and Eryn browse the taverns looking for some less-than-reputable sailors who may be able to smuggle them in to Yarahar. One man says he can help them, but instead Ristiel parts with some gold for information on where one could ‘deliver some grain’.

Having collected their information, and some supplies for the hourney, the adventurers turn to their trusty crew from the last job, supplemented by a few extras, who sail them to Yarahar in the dead of night, where they make their way ashore in the rowboat, and shelter in the forest.

The party watch the ship sail away back to Farcrest, leaving them quite alone in Yarahar. If they are discovered they will likely be taken prisoner, then tortured for information, and then likely disposed of.

Exploring the surrounding area tentatively, they find a small farming community nearby, where Eryn looks for a potential disguise in the form of some washing. Spotting some gowns drying in the evening air, Eryn swipes them and leaves a stack of silver coins behind. Returning victorious, the group debate on their next move, and decide to do more investigating tomorrow.

In the morning, Eryn sneaks to the outskirts of town to listen in on some conversations, and overhears that one woman in town has had her dressing gowns stolen in the night. He also hears that an Inspector is coming in a couple of days to ensure the harvest is going to be on schedule. Returning with this information, using the robes as a disguise is written off as a possible plan, and instead the party decide to seek out a guard patrol to ambush.

Waiting for nightfall again, the adventurers sneak along the beach, round a few farms towards a nearby fort. As they reach the road, they see a group of soldiers carrying a torch, and hit the ground quick to set up an ambush. In doing so, Torhm makes a racket in his armour, and the soldiers stop momentarily, before carrying on warily. As they come into range, Eryn fires off a shot with his crossbow, hitting the leader, and a melee ensues.

The party find the soldiers to be well trained compared to the goblins and bandits they are used to fighting, and take a few blows from their katanas, but Torhm proves his worth by mashing two of the soldiers up. Eryn manages to knock the leader out, leaving a large dent in his helmet. As the last soldier falls, the party get ready to clear up the mess.


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