Adventures In Galeroth

The High Seas

The adventurers gather their new crew, and ready themselves to set out to sea. Ristiel and the crew members give the others a run through of sailing, and they cast off from Farcrest aboard their borrowed fishing ship.

After a few hours sailing and seeing nothing but other fishing ships, a larger vessel comes into view on the horizon. It bears no flags or markings, and heads directly for them. Fearing the worst, the party gather on the deck and make a quick plan.

They decide to sneak closer by using some magical Dust of Disappearance they came across to make the entire crew invisible, and let the ship drift. The other ship closes in, and they can make out it’s crew are not living. Skeletons walk the deck, being ordered around by a blue skinned ghoul. The undead pirates close in and seemingly ready grappling hooks, but the fishing ship turns behind them.

As the ship crosses the rear of the pirate ship, Lindal fires the cannon from below deck, and obliterates the rudder. The party then climb aboard the ship and reveal themselves, and slaughter the undead crew.

The party examine the ship, and find out it is a trade ship, belonging to a merchant based in Port Milvar. It was carrying goods from Port Milvar to Farcrest, where it must have come under attack and been commandeered. Many of the goods are still on board, but the ship is now missing its rudder.

The adventurers decide to tow the ship back to Farcrest, and they are blessed with calm seas as Ristiel mutters under his breath, clutching his holy symbol the whole way. Back in Farcrest, they inquire about repairs at the dry dock, and discover ship repairs are very expensive, but contemplate selling the ship in its current state. For the meantime they pay for a berth at the harbour and leave the boat there.

Setting off again, the party look for the islands they were told about, and come across one of a chain of three. They disembark and explore the island, nothing more than birds and the beach. Slightly disappointed, the crew board the ship and set off towards the next island.


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