Adventures In Galeroth

Underground Resistance

As they stand over the bodies of the soldiers, the adventurers realise they should hide them, and drag them off the road into the treeline. The dead ones are piled, while the unconscious soldier lies separately. The party decide to rest the night, and question the survivor in the morning. Lindal conjures up a dome for them to sleep under, and they sleep.

In the morning, they find the survivor gone, and crawling, scuffling tracks away from the dome. Following them, they find the soldier fleeing, still tied. They stop him, and question him as much as they can. They gain information on the guards’ patrols, and other valuable information they can use to their advantage. The adventurers decide to let the soldier live, and leave him with some gold as an incentive to keep his mouth shut.

Th party then searches the forest, and discovers a well hidden camp, seemingly recently used. Hanging around the area for a few hours, eventually a pair of masked figures appear from the trees, and they approach cautiously. After working out they are members of the resistance against the baroness, they ask if they can help, since they share a common goal. The men agree, and after sundown show them to a farmhouse in a nearby village.

A middle aged man greets them, and hurries them inside, closing and locking the door behind them. He sits the adventurers down, and asks them their purpose here, and what they can do to help the people. After deducing they can be of assistance, the man sends them down a hidden hatch in his house, into a underground tunnel. Here they stay the night, and will be escorted down the tunnel the following day.

The tunnel takes them through to Yarahar, after a long walk. Coming out of another hatch in the floor of a building, the adventurers find themselves in a brothel. A Zaelorian man called Anoush greets them, welcoming them to his establishment, after which he shows them to a back room with an assortment of bunks. Here they stay, while meetings are arranged.

The following day they talk with Tomitaro Horii, a member of the Yaraharian nobility, who dislikes the baroness and her rule. He explains he wants her gone, mostly since she provokes Westrun, and risks an invasion, which would wipe Yarahar off the map. He doesn’t want this, and the only option is to replace Mori Taikan.


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