Adventures In Galeroth

Wolves, Wind, and Fire

Waking in the night, the adventurers set out checking the caverns below for any goblin presence that lingers. Armed with a lantern, they prowl the depths of the caves, and find some wolves in a pit, and various items of value. No goblins are seen.

The party debate on what to do with the wolves. Lindal seizes control somehow, and persuades the party to help him free the wolves. In a roundabout procedure, the party manage to lure the wolves out of the caverns with some salted meats, somehow not being mauled.

They return to the Krimm Outpost, where they meet with Janos and his men, and share their victory with the Gnomes. They drink and celebrate. Once the revelries are over in the morning, the party set out to claim the bounties on the creatures heads.

A brief stop in Velen nets the party a healthy sum of money from the Mayor, and a few items in exchange for trinkets found in the caverns below the Krimm Fort. They secure a couple of scrolls from an elderly merchant, and have a conversation with an interesting Gnome, who’s pet duck Charles catches Lindal’s eye.

Journeying back to Buckwell, Barthandelus keenly pursues Amara, the Air Genasi he has learned of a week or so ago. She is in the Krimm Head Tavern, where she is researching some information on some fugitives, as far as they can gather.

After a fairly awkward introduction, Amara becomes interested in Barthandelus, since she has not seen another of her kind either, and she is willing to open up slightly to the Fire Genasi. She introduces her companion, a Dragonborn Knight of Gold, called Tirik. They talk a while, and agree to resume their conversation later that evening over drinks.

Meanwhile, Eryn strolls into the room and picks up a book, and listens keenly into their conversation. Having read a lot of books while meditating, he also understands much of what they speak of. They reveal they are after a couple of fugitives belonging to the Cult of Orcus, who have fled with a dangerous artifact of some sort.

Orcus is the Ruler of Thanatos, Lord of the Abyss, Prince of Undeath. The vile creature once tried to take over the Material plane long ago, but was defeated. The army which defeated him was an alliance of Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Dragons. He fled, but left his weapon, to which his life force is bound. The weapon was taken by the Goldcloak Knights, and used to ward the Material plane against his presence.

Eryn leaves a while later, and shares what he has learned with the group. A while later Amara and Tirik join the adventurers for drinks. After a pleasant evening, and getting to know the two strangers better, the party set off some business around the town, where Amara catches Barthandelus to tell him she is leaving for Velen. He asks if she needs help, but she warns him seeming too eager to get involved could be a problem, the meaning of which confuses the party.

Eryn purchases some poison for a respectable amount of gold from an elderly woman, and Thiadir finds an alchemist willing to part with a book on potion making. They then try to secure some work, wary of pursuing Amara. Talking to Overseer Brownlock, head of Buckwell, they learn of some wolf problems that a nearby farmer has had.

They journey out of the town to the farm, where they find a Gnomish farmer, who explains he has had some terrible problems with hungry wolves, who have eaten almost all of his flock of sheep. They have come from Buckwell Forest, where the adventurers head swiftly.

Following the tracks Lindal managed to pick up on, the party leaves behind a handy trail of ball bearings to follow back, courtesy of Eryn. After a short while they find a pack of wolves, who have been living near a clearing.

Lindal exercises a new spell, turning Eryn ivisible, and he sneaks to the edge of the clearing an looses a few bolts. Joined by Barthandelus and Eryn, a skirmish ensues, and the wolves are slain.

Returning to the town of Buckwell, the party get their reward, enhanced by what they have learned to be a dire wolf, and spend some immediately. Barthandelus asks the tanner to make him a hat from the head of the wolf.

Meanwhile Eryn skulks to the edge of the city, returning to the woman who sold him poison. She sells him a poisoner’s kit, which he gets for a discount upon agreeing to find the woman an ingredient for making poison, the midnight cap, found deep in the forests of Ostvirn.


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